How many times have you been to a spa to get a massage? Probably once or twice and that too even when your close friend insisted. Okay! That was the case with me. But those two visits became a turning point for me as I decided that I will buy a massage chair for myself. In the wake of getting the right massage chair, I came across many things which you may not know. This article is about my experience and the research I did before I finally bought the massage chair.

P.S. – I even took the advice of a reputed doctor, and you can read all bout it in this article.

Hi, this is Eric and welcome to this guide powered with real-life experiences that will finally help you find the right massage chair. Also, congratulations on making your first move towards investing your time in gaining more knowledge on massage chairs.

Getting a massage chair isn’t an easy task, considering the number of factors and the questions involved. So, if you are having doubts and want some questions answered, this is the right guide for you. Powered with the answers for the FAQs regarding massage chair and all the necessary factors, this is the most relevant article.

What is a massage chair?

In simple words, a massage chair is the best way to give relief to your neck, back, and joints. Not only it comes with significant health benefits, but it fulfils your dream of getting relaxed every day after a long day at work.


No matter what you do, drive a car for long, sit in a chair at the office for more extended hours or manage a store by sitting all day long in a chair, you would be amazed to know how beneficial a massage chair is.

In the beginning, just like you, I too was confused while searching online for a massage chair. The only thing my family members and I wanted was a chair that would provide complete comfort.

Considering the amount of information available online on massage chairs, it was impossible to decide which information would help or was based on real-life experience. That’s when I decided to look for help from a chiropractic doctor, a professional who understands the human body and how does it interact with a massage chair.

In the following sections of this article, I will include many factors you must consider before buying the chair. Furthermore, I would highly recommend you to avoid any sort of marketing talk and simply look for the information. This is also a part of my research because many at times, we are so overwhelmed with the words of the salesperson that we sometimes end up buying the wrong product.

Also, I would point out one more important thing here – The information provided in this article may not fully help you in buying the chair because every individual has its own choices and demands. However, you certainly will know what the first things that must be considered before finalizing the massage chair are.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Massage Chair

Things you must know about massage chair

Things you must know about massage chair

Important features that you must always look in a massage chair

If you are new and don’t know much about massage chairs and its benefits, then simply know that they are known for stimulating therapeutic effects just like a massage therapist. Those who have taken a professional massage will understand how advantageous it is.

Irrespective of your demand, be it comfort or getting rid of chronic pain conditions, you must choose a massage chair with the following feature and settings –

Kneading –

Some of you know this as “Shiatsu,” kneading is a process in which rolling occurs at the centre of the outward and goes outwards. It is very similar to the feeling when two hands are alternatively rubbing back. Such kind of massage helps in relieving the stress and renders the much-needed break to your overworked back muscles.

Percussion/Tapping –

If you have been to a spa, you might have seen a professional “karate chopping” your someone else’s back? This is a percussive massage which improves the blood flow and gives you a fantastic feeling.

Rolling –

Different massage chairs are equipped with rolling action standard. Only when you sit in one of those, you experience it pushing your spine back into position.

Full Recline –

If you wish to get a deep tissue massage, then it becomes necessary for you t place all your weight onto the massage chair. But chairs can only recline to 135 degrees. Ergo, it is highly recommended to get a chair that offers a recline of up to 170 to 180 degrees. This way, you will be able to lie down entirely and understand the real benefits of massage.

Airbag Massage –

This is genuinely an optional feature, yet in the event that you’ve at any point encountered a decent foot and calf back rub, or arm back rubs, or seat rub you realize how brilliant it can feel.

Numerous new chairs presently accompany extra inventive highlights, like zero gravity, mechanical foot rollers, extended roller tracks down the back, inversion, music systems, chromotherapy, and even head massagers! They are, for the most part, cool features, yet you have to choose what is critical to you and which features sound good to you.

Can you quickly get your chair repaired?

Most of the massage chair has a modular design and can be easily repaired. However, irrespective of the quality of the chair, it will break down someday due to regular use and would require repairing work. Now, if you have the chair with the modular design, then it won’t be necessary to send the whole chair for repairing. Therefore it is highly recommended to use the chair that has the new age design. Their durability is remarkable. Further, never fail to check the warranties or else you may end up shipping the whole chair to the manufacturer, and this is going to be very expensive as well as stressful. In my personal opinion, if you have your hands over a chair that has in-home warranties, then it would be the perfect icing on the cake.

Ensure, likewise, that your massage chair manufacturer has customer support that can be easily reached. On the off chance that you have an issue with your seat and you call customer assistance, there should be somebody on the other side with whom you can interact with you regarding your chair.

The reputation of the reseller matters

When you are investing your hard-earned money in anything, you always want to get the right product. Now, online is a place where you can find many “fly by night” companies, and honestly, many of them aren’t giving any “value for money” product. They are simply middlemen trying to make their way to your pocket via some fancy marketing tactic.

Now, a massage chair isn’t any cheap item; it is one of the most expensive products. Therefore, you must get hold of a reseller with impeccable customer service along with excellent testimonials and reviews. Even better, if they have a physical store, you must visit it and speak to a representative there while trying out all the options.

Is there a money-back-guarantee with your retailer?

When you purchase such a huge chair, there are certain risks involved. For instance – will it fit your decor or will it match your expectations or will it be comfortable enough?

Ergo, before going ahead clicking that “order now” button, it is always best to check that your reseller offers a money-back guarantee. Also, there is no shipping cost involved.

Durability is something you should never forget

Today, the market is full of many chairs that are not manufactured in the original manufacturer’s factory and fail to live up to the expectations. Also, they don’t offer what they are meant to and are merely prone to break at a moment’s notice.

Now, during my hunt for the right massage chair, I realized that the following two things must never be left out while deciding the quality chair, which will last for the many years to come. These two things are –

Warranty –

The trust on any hair is directly proportional to the number of years of warranty offered by the manufacturer. But it is also important to note that many fake companies say that can provide ten years of warranty on just a $2000 massage chair. Imagine that, huh! These are those case where you never find the retailer when you encounter problems within 1st six months of the purchase. On average, a solid 3-5 years warranty is provided by the “legit” massage chair manufacturers. For instance, Inada provides a three-year on-site warranty while Panasonic renders three-year in-home, parts and labour warranty but only on their top tier chairs. Now, these look like the kind of guarantees you should look for. The number of years may differ.

Brand Reputation –

Either you go with a brand whose name your either have heard, or you have a friend who talks about it much. But what you must not do is go with some brand that sounds “rare.” It is not guaranteed that only the big brands can offer the premium quality massage chairs but then investing such a large amount with a lesser-known company is also not safe. As far as my experience goes, Human Touch, Inada, Infinity, Panasonic, Osaki, Luraco, and Cozzia are some of the names you should check out. These are some of the well-known companies that offer higher-quality chairs that come with excellent warranties.

Pro Tip That I Got From The Doc –

I always wondered if a massage helped in improving your bloodstream even when you sit the whole day?

To this, the doctor replied, “Yes, it does. Since you sit the whole day, your joints and bones freeze, thus, they need to relax. Also, there is a huge need for blood flow in your body as the blood does not move correctly when you sot the whole day. Ergo, when you take massage, all your body parts relax, thereby allowing blood to flow more easily.

Concluding Notes

The points mentioned above are the must-remember things before you buy the massage chair. If followed, it is guaranteed that you will make a smart choice of purchasing the right chair, which shall give you ultimate pain relief and comfort for many years.

Not only this, if you have any chair that you want to do the pros & cons for, but you should also visit us. Even if the review of that particular chair isn; ‘t available with us, simply tell us in the comments and we will have our experts do it for you. Of course, the review will be the result of a real-life experience!

Our overall effort lies in helping you get the right chair and ensure that it matched your standards for longevity, comfort, value, and therapeutic effectiveness.