iJoy Massage Chair Review 2020

iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair Review

If you spend several hours of the day suffering from severe back pain, and you need the closest item to your personal masseuse, then probably you are going to end up looking for the best massage chair.

The human touch iJoy active 2 0 is a full body massage chair that comes ergonomically and economically optimized for your daily massage needs. Its FlexGlide technology has been medically approved, pending patent, and vetted by scientists in the field.

With the iJoy active 2 0 massage chair, you can experience the best of both worlds when functionality meets technology to provide you with the next level of comfort you deserve.

The human touch iJoy massage chair is affordable and comes in smooth, space-saving designs, including a tethered remote control that stays close at hand for ultimate convenience. 

Is It Worth Getting A Massage Chair? 

A massage chair is not worthy if you are using it once a month. If you seldom body pains and want a little bit of relaxation, go for a real body massage. Massage chairs are quite huge and costly; if you have a busy lifestyle and want to use it barely a few times per month, then it is not worth the investment.

It is only great for people who are experiencing chronic pains and want to use it daily or a few times per week. They are also best for the people who don’t like being massaged by others, or you are too lazy to drive out for massage therapy. If you are going to use it most of the time, then buying a massage chair is definitely worth the investment.

Is It Bad To Sit In A Massage Chair For A Long Time?

When a massage chair is overused, you are most likely to experience adverse side effects. Skin bruising, headache, and pain are common side effects when you sit in massage chairs for a longer time. The pressure applied to reduce pain and tension in deep tissue massage settings in a chair can cause slight residual headache and pain.

In some cases, you may experience infections resulting from the toxins released from the muscles during the massage. Therefore, the user is recommended to drink an adequate amount of water to release the toxins from the body quickly.

Other potential side effects that may result from massage chair overuse are fatigue after the massage, lower blood pressure, allergic reactions (If allergic to leather), and aggravated circulation issues.

Are Massage Seats Good For You?

A couple of worthy notes include that massage seats are necessary when it comes to health and safety. Seat massagers are designed to improve your blood circulation on longer drives since poor circulation can lead to neck and back pains as well as muscle fatigue.

Seat massagers are also beneficial to reduce stress and improve your mood during high traffic.

You can also use your massage seats in your office and home to add a nice end to your day. If you don’t have massage seats in your lovely car, then you can buy them as an aftermarket option. There are currently multiple seat massage cushions available on places like Amazon.

Key Features of the Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair

FlexGlide Massage Technology:

Flexglide technology of the human touch iJoy 2 0 massage chair is free from friction and pinching associated with typical massage chairs and offers a flawless glide to help you stress-reducing massage experience like never before.

The iJoy massage chair tries to mimic human touch with orbital, stretch, and glide motions with the perfect amount of pressure to deliver remarkably effective massage. 

  • Orbital Motions: orbital strokes move in flawless glide over spinal joints and spinal muscles and stimulate blood circulation to help you relieve lower back pain and muscle tension.
  • Glide Motions: while rolling up and down, the glide massage technique applies constant pressure on your back near the spine. It will help you loosens and warm your muscles.
  • Stretch Motions: muscles lifting and stretching helps you to release soreness and pain. Stretching also improves lymph and blood circulation and helps you clear out the toxins from the muscles and nerve tissues.


Three Preset Massage Programs:

The powerful FlexGlide massage robot of human touch iJoy 2 0 massage chair offers three advanced preset massage options to help you select where you feel comfortable.

  • THINK: relives the entire back tension.
  • PERFORM: rejuvenates your shoulder and upper back.
  • RECHARGE: refreshes your lower back.


Compact and Modern design 

The human touch iJoy active 2 0 is a stylish and sleek massage chair with a minimized footprint that makes it the best massage chair for limited space.

It is available in two modern design options, such as Espresso or Bone, both with taupe accents. The iJoy massage chair weighs just 45 lbs, making it easy to move to any place in the house.

Multipurpose head pillow

The human touch iJoy active 2 0 massage chair offers you the option of either resting your neck and shoulders while enjoying a massage or folding it over to the back of the chair and laying back for a strong back massage therapy. But iJoy is quite low to the ground, and it will be too small for tall individuals as it reclines near to 180°.

Specifications of Human Touch iJoy Active 2 0 Massage Chair

  1. Upright Chair Dimensions – 32″L X 27″W X 37″H
  2. Seat Dimensions – 19″L X 19″W X 16″H
  3. Operating Voltage –  12V DC 4 Amps
  4. Reclined Dimensions – 42″L X 27″WX 31″H
  5. Power Consumption – 125 Watts
  6. Product Weight – 45 lbs
  7. Shipping Box Dimensions – 40″L X 29″WX 21″H
  8. Rare Clearance Required – 9″
  9. Part number (s)  Espresso – 100-AC20-001


Bone – 100-AC20-002:

  1. Maximum Load Weight  200 lbs
  2. Cube  22.0″
  3. Basic Warranty  2 years

Pros and Cons of the Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair


  • Stylish and Sleek
  • Portable and compact design
  • Variety of massage techniques
  • Lightweight
  • Tethered remote control
  • Pre-assembled and ready to use


  • Too small for tall individuals
  • Quite low to the ground
  • Limited customization
  • No Body scanning
  • No heat
  • Limited extension on the footrest

Final Verdict

Human touch iJoy active 2 0 massage chair is your saving grace and the ultimate form of luxury relaxation, without the piling masseuse bills. FlexGlide technology of iJoy massage chair tries to mimic human touch and features three preset massage programs to help you THINK, RECHARGE, and PERFORM whenever your body calls for it.

So get ready to relax, recline, and enjoy the effects of one the best massage chair, as it elevates your lifestyle to the next level by keeping your mind and body active.

We would like to suggest you a similar massage chair, the BM-EC161 by Bestmassage.

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