BM-EC161 Massage Chair Review 2020

BM-EC161 Massage Chair From Bestmassage

Full body electric bmec161 massage chair is a unique product in the marketplace. It provides a state-of-the-art massage based on traditional Chinese therapies and medicine with an enlarged surface area of up to 60% more than its competitors.

It features the hottest next-generation technology such as OPTO sensor devices, robotic recliners, and zero gravity. This makes it a popular choice for customers searching for the best massage chair at an affordable price.

This chair also offers a very relaxing massage to every side of your body, including the collar, waist, and thighs, with the most definitive experience.

Advantages of the BM-EC161 Massage Chair

Increase Blood Circulation:

The roller massage of the chair helps to boost the blood flow in your body. The massager assists in clearing out the toxins in the massaged zones. Thus this massage chair develops the capability of the human body and absorbs nutrition.

Progress Endorphin Levels:

By decreasing your nervousness and muscle pain, this massage chair will enhance your endorphin level. Improved endorphin level means that you experience more positivity and comfort.

Decrease Muscles, Pain, and stress:

The kneading and Shiatsu hand like motions of the massage chair can decrease muscle tiredness and rejuvenate your entire body and brain. It helps you calm down stressed and stiff muscles.

Better Sleep:

Massaging your entire body mobilizes your muscles and lets you lose the stress and anxiety that has been built up.

Warmth Treatment:

The bm eci61 massage chair gives heat to the waist region, which can ease backaches and menstrual pain because muscles behave more elastic and flexible during warm-up. This chair can also speed up the procedure of pain release by providing ample heat in your abdominal area.

How to Use the BMEC161 Massage Chair?

  1. Before using the bm ec161 massage chair, make sure to remove any hard items such as watches and hair accessories.
  2. When you sit on the massage chair and switch it on, the OPTO sensor will automatically contour to your shoulder position and body shape to provide you an effective massage.
  3. Then you can choose one of the present four massage programs depending on your pain relief needs: Extend, Relax, Refresh, and Recover.
  4. After that, choose a massage function of your preference, intensity level of the massage (Low, Medium, High), and the target area.

BM-EC161 Massage Chair Functions:

  1. Rolling: Generates up and down moments, like the fixed-point of rotating finger processing for effective and direct massage.
  2. Kneading: can be used to get rid of knots.
  3. Vibrating Shiatsu: contains the Shiatsu massaging technique by vibrating the target areas.

Key Features of the Bestmassage BM-EC161 Massage Chair:

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage

The zero gravity program designed to provide your bm Massage Chair stretch out in such a position that you feel near to being weightless. In this position, the chair places your legs at a level that is a little higher than your heart.

This position helps to take the weight off your upper body by decompressing your spine and is considered the perfect position for an effective massage. There are three different adjustable levels; a completely reclined level gives a therapeutic effect that can be felt instantly.

OPTO Sensor Device 

This reclining massage chair uses advanced body scan OPTO technology to find shoulders position so that it can provide a highly comfortable massage session.

Shiatsu Roller Scrapping and Pressure Cups

Bm ec161 massage chair offers roller scraping for the whole foot, which can be a great way to relax your sore feet. This chair also offers strong pressure cups that wrap around your arms and squeezes it according to your preferred intensity, all the while stimulating the human touch.

Remote Control

The remote control doesn’t have any confusing jargon on the buttons. Its LED display screen makes the selected instructions easy to read. It is adjustable to target specific areas as well.


BM-EC161 Massage Chair is easy to transport from one place to another.

L Track Massage roller system

The L Shape of this massage chair is designed to support a user from all the way neck to thighs. This wide range of motions allows the roller heads to provide a pain-relieving massage with an ultra-long-range massage of shoulders, buttocks, upper and lower back, thighs, and neck area.

The L track system ensures that each individual spine of the body is decompressed, leaving users feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Strong Massage 

One thing that you should be aware of is that bm ec161 Massage Chair offers a strong massage. If you are quite sensitive to touch, you may find it rough. In this case, you can choose a model that offers a more gentle touch.

But if you want to take intense massage, you will most probably love this chair. Despite the powerful massage, it is also excellent for relaxing and helps promote sleep.

Body Scanning

Body scanning technology can detect the person’s shoulder position, helping to find out how an individual is sitting. Bm ec161 Massage Chair will automatically adjust your body to give you a custom massage experience based on your posture and height.

Multiple Massage Styles

The bestmassage bm ec161 offers you many different styles of massage to suit your needs. The dual rollers of this chair can provide shiatsu massage, kneading, tapping, deeper tapping, and a combination of kneading and tapping to intimate a human masseuse’s movements.

Who Should Use Bestmassage BM-EC161 Massage Chair?

People who have chronic back and muscle problems but cannot afford to go to a physical therapist frequently. This Massage Chair is a healthier alternative to pain killers with minimal side effects.

People who are shorter than 5 feet or taller than 6’’3 feet should not use this massage chair as they might not be able to completely make use of the foot massage and the leg airbag. Pregnant women are also not recommending using the bmec161 Massage Chair as it might adversely affect the fetus.


  • 1. Affordability and value for money
  • 2. Foot Roller & L-track roller system
  • 3. Automatic shoulder controls the position
  • 4. Heating component
  • 5. Zero Gravity Massage Chair & OPTO Sensor Device
  • 6. Remote Control with LED screen attached to the chair
  • 7. Large pressurized leather air pillow for neck and head



  • 1. You need to assemble the chair on your own, and the manual is not that much helpful.
  • 2. Not good for users with more than 6 feet in height.
  • 3. Short time warranty and that too only for the parts, you have to pay out for the work.
  • 4. Weight can prove to be a hindrance when trying to position the chair.
  • 5. This Massage Chair is not the best choice for a small apartment as you need 20 inches of wall space behind the chair to recline completely.


Price of the Bestmassage BM-EC161 

This chair is everything you are looking for in a massage chair, for under $1000. And it offers an excellent full-featured price tag unit and competes with top luxury massage chairs that cost up to 10 times as much.

Final Verdict

Bestmassage BM-EC161 is a fantastic reclining massage chair that offers next-generation technology to truly uplift and revitalize your mind and body. Its good quality is not only best for those who are on a budget but also vital for all massage enthusiasts out there.

You might be interested in another great product, the iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair.

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