This Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair Review Will Clear All Your Doubts Forever

High-end massage chairs have always been the epicenter of fun and relaxation. Among many such available chairs, Titan Pro Jupiter XL is quite famous. Why, if you ask? For having 3D rollers coupled with extended tracking range (L-Track). With this review of the Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair, all your doubts and questions will be cleared as well as answered. So, don’t miss any.

Does this chair render deep tissue massage?

To be honest, it depends. In general, this is a massage with no “fixed” intensity and does not work for everybody. Depending on the bodyweight of the individual, the intensity varies. For instance, it wouldn’t be similar for a man with a weight of 120-140 lb and an individual with a 180-220 lb weight. Depending on person to person, the intensities of deep tissue massage varies. It’s like what I think of deep tissue massage may not be similar to what you think of it.

However, if you need, this massage chair that we are talking about can provide deep tissue with high intensities. But, I still won’t say that this is the best massage chair when it comes to getting “deep tissue” because there are much better chairs that provide unimaginable massage with higher intensities. But that doesn’t make our chair terrible or is it? In my opinion, Titan Pro Jupiter XL is one of the best chairs, but you will only be convinced after you have read this review.

13 Things The Titan Pro Jupiter XL Is Capable Of:

You all must have heard about the L-Track Massage System. Titan is one such massage chair that comes with this system along with 3D technology. Not just providing an incredible massage but fully engineered to accommodate individuals with height up to 6’6″, Titan invites you to experience a different massage altogether –


XL – Designed to Handle 6’6″

The market is not well-equipped with massage chairs that can accommodate people of height beyond 6 feet. But Titan stands out from the lot as it can easily handle tall people of height up to 6’6″. Many chairs come with an extension on 9 to 8 inches, but this giant can do that up to 12.6 inches. Isn’t’ that marvellous! I mean finally, the taller section of the society won’t complain anymore. The base of the seat in this chair also extends by 2 inches, thus, rendering it a 21″ of seat clearance.

Bluetooth for Phone & MP3

When it comes to convenience, Titan Jupiter has the latest conveniences technology. Equipped with Bluetooth, one can quickly answer calls without having their massage interrupted. All you have to do is hit the telephone button available on the top right corner, and you are good to attend calls. Not just that, the built-in speakers found on both sides of the headrest along with microphone makes it easy for you to talk hands-free. Just saying that these features enhance your overall massage experience isn’t enough, you must experience them.


3D & L-Track Massage

3D massage technology is included in the robotic massage system; one can NOT control it manually. The technology is activated once the massage is selected. It may sound unbelievable, but 3D massage is capable of contouring the back very precisely. Thus, you get a constant massage pressure right from the bottom to the top while extending in and out, touching the lumbar and shoulder/neck region curves. Understand it this way – many traditional chairs don’t go beyond hips; however, the L-track is equipped with rollers that go past the glutes and finally reaches the hamstrings.


Space Saving Technology

IN general, a lot of space is consumed by the typical massage chairs, especially when they are in the reclined position for obvious reasons. Back rub seats require up to 3 feet behind the backrest for the seat to wholly lean back. Titan’s inventive design group has built a space-sparing innovation that slides the chair forward as the seat leans back. Just 3.2 inches of the room is required when leaning back!


Rolling & Scrapping Dual Action Foot Massage

There are two different kinds of massage enhancements that are found at the bottom of the foot massager. The first one mimics thumb pressing by spinning with bumps on the wheel’s outside. This thumb pressing feeling is experienced on the bridge to balls of the feet. The second one is the forward and back motion. These motions scrap the heels and the bridge of the feet. Further, the airbag compression ensures 3 different types of massage at once.


Unique Head Massage

The Titan Jupiter has rethought the head rub, consummating the constrain applied to sides of the head. The air will blow up on the sides of the cushion growing like an accordion, planned to press the temple area, conveying a calming massage.


Zero Gravity Recline

The perfect position to enjoy a massage is the Zero Gravity position. This is the position in which your back is aligned concerning the thighs to offer the optimal level of comfort. In the zero-gravity position, all the weight of your back is supported by the backrest (virtually). This maximizes the massage’s intensity. In total, two stages of zero gravity are available in which second the means more reclined where your legs are raised above your heart level.


Heat Therapy

On each side of the lower lumbar zone are singular heating pads. This heat treatment is an extraordinary commendation to the back rub. Warming the body’s internal heat level’s is known to build blood courses and relax tense muscles. The heating pad isn’t proposed to surpass over 30 minutes of utilization for each day.


Full Body Air Massage Hip Massagers

Various massage actions built when the hip massagers inflate and deflate. A twisting motion is created when one side inflates, but the hip compresses inwards when both the sides inflate, offering a firm squeeze. The airbags are situated on the base of the seat to prop one side higher in comparison to others; This gives a new dimension to twisting the hips.


Arm Massage

The arm massager is 20″ in length, made out of 4 airbags per side that encompass the lower arms, hands and wrist. The inward coating is made of sturdy spandex that serenely forms your arms shape.

Outer Shoulder Massage

Along the external edges of the left and right sides are a lot of air sacks to give a kneading or squeezing style back rub to the outer shoulder region.


Calf and Foot Massage

The foot and calf region has are airbags, each extraordinarily set to hit the crucial muscle regions. The air packs will blow up and flatten making a crushing like activity. The power of the weight can be controlled via remote control.


Computer Body Scan

As the name suggests, this technology quickly scans and maps the back curves with complete precision. This helps the massage to hit the vital areas as much as possible, hence, ensure great relief. Irrespective of your body type, this technology scans it and renders a full body scan so that you can enjoy an incredible massage experience.



There are ten pre-set programs available for you to choose –

  1. Power,
  2. Sleeping,
  3. Vitality,
  4. Relax,
  5. Combination,
  6. Pain Relief,
  7. Muscle,
  8. Circulation,
  9. Waist, and
  10. Stretch


What I Like About (Titan Pro Jupiter XL)?

It is sporadic to have 3D & L-Track in one chair. If you are a fan of any of these technologies (3D & L-Track), then you are in for a surprise as it holds both. Further, there is no issue of short tracking time because L-track solves it with ease.


For Tight Spaces, this is the right massage chair.

Have you ever known about the space-sparing recline? It’s an element essential to most Osaki and Titan seats. As you lean back the seat in reverse, the seat slides forward along these lines limiting the space needed from the wall. This seat requires a negligible 3.2 inches from the wall.


Unmatched User Flexibility

I talked about this before also, however, I needed to specify it here again because of how significant it is. This seat can accommodate anybody from 5’0-6’6 ft. gauging a limit of 285 lbs. This kind of user adaptability isn’t something you’ll discover in all back massage chairs. Great most definitely.

Value For Money Product

Currently, you can buy this chair for a fair price of $3,995. This price may look huge, but it is certainly not because in one single chair you will get the following benefits –

  1. 3D L-Track rollers,
  2. 44 airbags,
  3. Ten auto programs,
  4. Bluetooth music system, and
  5. fantastic user flexibility.


And I am pretty sure that this is the best deal you will get at this price.

What I Don’t Like About Titan Pro Jupiter XL?

Lack of intensity is a concern

Only one thing in this chair is something which is considered as a matter of concern, and that is the overall intensity. You won’t notice it until you have checked out other 3D/4D models. I decided to do so and came to the conclusion that the overall intensity of various chairs was between 7-10, and this number was quite low for Titan. If the manufactures can fix this, then I am sure that this chair would be a perfect buy.



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