Human Touch Novo XT Ultra High Massage Chair: I Found My Personal Massage Therapist

I’m not one for writing product reviews. They are suspicious. I always think the author is getting a piece of the action. This time I had to write a review. This massage chair is amazing!

It seems I never stop talking about this massage chair. My kids say that I love the chair more than I love them. That’s not true, but it’s close ;).

My cousin bought the Human Touch Novo XT a few months ago. After several incredible sessions in his chair, I just had to buy one. You’ll have to dish out a wad of cash, but I promise that you will never look back. This massage chair is like no other.

To my wife’s chagrin, I’ve owned four massage chairs before this one. The pain in my back and legs is chronic, and it seems to be getting worse all the time. I always wanted the latest model chair, so I sold and bought a few times. Not any more. This one’s a keeper!

The Human Touch Novo XT has a ton of features. I couldn’t tell you about them all. What I can do is tell you about the ones that make this the perfect Massage chair for me.

This massage chair comes with credentials

The Human Touch No Vo XT has received the endorsement by the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) as a supplement to back-care therapies. The WFC is an international organization. It is made up of national associations of chiropractors in eighty-eight countries.

I’ve been receiving chiropractic treatments for most of my life. It means a lot to me the chiropractors have given this massage chair the thumbs up.


The chair massages your entire back

Most massage chairs seem to only massage the center of your back. It is my whole back that’s sore. The rollers are just never wide enough.

This chair has something called the Unibody L-track that manages to massage every part of my back. The massage starts at my neck and goes right down to my thighs. The length of the massage can go to as much at forty-two inches.

There are five different settings for the depth of the massage. I usually start at the midpoint and then increase it every few minutes.

I’ve never had a massage chair that works such a wide part of my back. It’s awesome!

The feeling of zero gravity


When you’re in the Human Touch Novo XT massage chair there is a feeling of weightlessness. You can lie in any position

The massage chairs I have owned in the past reclined. The zero gravity of this chair lets me manage the position of my body for the deepest massage. It is just like I am visiting the massage therapist.

Get a foot massage at the same time

I work in customer service and I spend my whole day on my feet. I used to soak my feet in hot water when I got home. It never really helped. I’ve tried all those foot massage pads and they’re useless.

While this massage chair massages your back it also massages your feet. Some rollers work your feet and calf muscles. It’s an incredibly soothing feeling.

When I get out of the chair I feel like I am walking on air.

34 Massage Programs

The chair has thirty-four massage programs. I have probably only every used around six of them. The ones I love are the Thai massage and the Deep Rep massage.

When you start a massage program the chair automatically puts you in the correct position. I tell it where my shoulders are and it works from there. It adjusts your feet to the correct position as if it knows the length of your body.

One day I’ll play with all of the different programs. Having so many programs seems a bit much for me. I doubt there is much difference between them.

42 Air Cells

When I set the chair in Cloud mode it is like I am floating in the air.

There are forty-two pockets of air located throughout the chair. These bubbles are filled with air and transfer heat to your muscles. There are even air cells in the foot and calf area.

For me, this is worth the price of the chair. The cells snuggle and massage every part of your body. I imagine myself floating on a cloud. It’s cool. Full body stretch I end my sessions in the chair with a full-body stretch. This is one of the programs.

When you use the body stretch mode it lowers your feet and decompresses your spine. How much do you pay your chiropractor for that move?

The negatives

Other than the price, there are a few negatives to the chair. Nothing that should hold back the purchase, but a few things to be aware of.

The chair weighs a ton. It clocks in at 320 pounds. You won’t move it around once you’ve found the right spot in your home. On the other hand, my wife hasn’t rearranged the furniture in a few months.

I hate all the pillows around the back. I push them away so that the rollers can get in nice and close. If you want a massage why would you want to sit in a bunch of pillows?

My wife is all of five feet. She finds the chair useless. The rollers pass over parts of her body and she doesn’t get a head or shoulder massage.

The Human Touch Novo XT is large. It looks great but it takes up quite a lot of space. If you have a small living space, you may have trouble.


The gimmicky stuff

I’m not much for bells and whistles. I want a massage and don’t care about anything else.

This chair has Bluetooth speakers. It even has a program that will give you a massage to the beat of the music. To be honest, the last thing I want is workout music while I’m trying to relax.

If you’re bossy, you can give commands to this thing. I will respond to commands in four different languages. If you want it to massage your lower back you can tell it to. I usually tell it to shut up.

The controls are LED. I guess that’s a bit cool and does make them easier to see.

Oh, and it comes in black, green, red, grey, brown and cream.


Should you buy one?

I admit that the Human Touch Novo XT is not for everyone. It is a premium chair and maybe way too much to pay if you don’t need this kind of massage.

Even for its price, this massage chair beats all the others if you are serious about massage. My back has never felt better. My muscles no longer ache and I am not even getting headaches anymore.

You should buy this chair if you can afford it and you suffer from chronic back pain. When you need a deep muscle massage then this chair is for you.

I know I will never buy a massage chair again. I know I won’t sit in the therapist’s waiting room for half an hour again. Best of all, my sore back will never rule my life again.

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