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At the end of a busy day, there can be nothing more reassuring to look forward to than the therapeutic convenience of a massage chair. Frequent backaches and prolonged body fatigue sent me in a scavenger hunt for quality massage chairs. However, the overwhelming range of options at brick-and-mortar stores as well as online platforms left me confused and helpless. We all know the feeling – like falling down the shopping rabbit hole with so many diverse choices and pricings.

When the country-wide COVID-19 lockdowns narrowed my search to just the online stores, I stumbled upon Daiwa’s versatile collection of massage chairs. I knew immediately that I had to look no further, as Daiwa aligned all of my expectations with unique features that I discovered while browsing its catalog. Daiwa Legacy Therapeutic Massage Lounger effortlessly bridges the gaps between an outdoor spa massage and the comforts of your home.


Here is a comprehensive product review condensed from my shopping anecdote. For anyone in need of a map to connect the dots and routes to a successful shopping experience, I hope the following review gives you all a good head start.

What makes Daiwa Massage Chair a good buying option

Budget friendliness

At the end of my extensive product research, I shaped my budget around Daiwa Massage Chair for its state-of-the-art features. Generally, massage chairs priced at $6500 and above steal the spotlight with their royalty design and ergonomics. They form the ultimate comfort stratosphere, literally raising the bar beyond reach for other massage loungers.

My chosen product, Daiwa Massage Chair Extended L-Shaped Track Massage Chairs Legacy Massager Lounger (Black), packs excellent features into its elite price range. And from the very first time I used the massage chair, I was convinced that Daiwa lounger is truly worth every penny. A long-term investment well made!

Therapeutic results

Daiwa Massage Chair is a therapeutic lounger designed to alleviate body fatigue due to backaches, neck and shoulder strains, leg pains, etc. It is equipped with top engineering technologies for a complete therapeutic experience on every use. It has a user weight limit of 300 lbs. and can accommodate a user height range of 4’8″ – 6’6″.

So, if you have embarked on a budget-oriented journey for your persistent backaches, then Daiwa Massage Chair is a worthwhile investment.

Features that give it the elite reputation

It is always imperative to get your features right for the amount of money you pay. I already had recurring struggles with backaches and leg strains. With the current coronavirus outbreak, my workplace (like several others worldwide) chose to move employees from cubicles to screens. I knew that the online transition would be an uphill battle against my back and legs, so I decided to put my foot down – albeit gently.

The following features of the Daiwa Massage Chair have worked like a charm, and I am sure that they will resonate well especially now among the self-isolated and quarantined audiences. These are the highlights of my review.

1. Core massage chair features and technologies

Dimensions and massage track

Daiwa Massage Chair has the following dimensions: upright [59.1 X 32.3 X 47.2″] and reclined [66.9 x 32.3 x 33.5″]. It has an extra-long L-shaped massage track, which is the latest innovation in massage loungers. The track stretches 49 inches from your shoulders to your hamstrings, unlike the 29-inch span of an S-shaped track. The longer coverage gives you better massaging efficiency.


Roller adjustment technology

3D body scanning enables superior roller adjustment. This allows the Daiwa Massage Chair to map your spinal structure for better customization. Your chair will always be contoured to your physique, nothing more and nothing less. The footrest length adjustment is 5.5 inches, and the foot massage is delivered through airbags and rollers. Such features have given me a new lease of life as they help me overcome leg exhaustion due to prolonged sitting.

Also, a rotation technology mimics the effect of a rocking chair for added comfort. It is my go-to setting on the bad days – nothing like the gentle dance through air to break free from the weight of the day!

Air massage mode

48 airbags are located in the massage chair at strategic points for rhythmic inflation and deflation. This airbag massage technique stretches the muscles and regulates your blood circulation. I always feel the tension and fatigue disperse away and leave through my fingertips, as the airbags provide a full-body coverage.


Control panel

Advanced remote control is designed for user-friendly operation. You can choose your language and select between 18 built-in auto programs (Recovery, Extend, Relax, Refresh, Upper Body, Lower Body) as well as 6 manual modes (Kneading, Tapping, Knocking, Shiatsu, Sync, Rhythm). The manual options can be personalized for every user’s massage preferences.

Your massage session will move seamlessly between each setting, without the risk of short-circuiting or overheating. This luxury massage lounger works at a power of 240 watts, automating timer settings of 10, 20, and 30 minutes.

2. Therapeutic features

Heat therapy

My Daiwa Massage Chair review will be incomplete without shining light on its therapeutic brilliance. Synthetic leather makes for durable upholstery, beneath which is the source of my all-time favorite heat massage. Special heat therapy removes strain from the lower back, targeting joints and sore muscles for effective relief. The inclusion of heat into my massage therapy worked like a miracle for chronic backaches.

Zero gravity

The zero-gravity configuration adds a brand-new edge to this luxury massage chair. My massage dynamics soared to just another level in an ideal weightless environment. The seat moves to a 30-degree angle, balancing the weight and pressure effortlessly. Such a recline angle delivers a floating sensation that is easy on the muscles. I like to call this the “astronaut’s nap”, defying gravity as you rest comfortably in your personal retreat.

3. Convenience features

Bluetooth compatibility

I absolutely love how I can connect my smartphone wirelessly to Daiwa Massage Chair’s built-in speakers and enjoy my favorite songs, watch videos, and FaceTime with my friends. High-quality speakers have been installed above the shoulder region, so you get the perfect ambient sound – and drift away in your personal bubble.

Overall conclusion – Daiwa Massage Chair

This review is a brief glimpse of how Daiwa Massage Chair moved from my bucket list to my living room, and I am sure it will stay there for quite a while now. Its core, therapeutic, and convenience features have been tailor-made to soothe your anxiety, both mental and physical. Functions such as rocking rotation and zero gravity amplify the massaging experience. If there is one feature that I would add to this massage chair, it would be a USB port for convenient charging.

The integration of heat and roller adjustment has completely redefined massage ergonomics. I do not have to worry about traumatizing visits to the chiropractor anymore. When the investment is long-term, the returns on that investment are even more promising.

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